Reading Response: Remediation Reads

Content from the 9/11 Commissions Report is displayed throughout the graphic adaptation. Every man from each separate hijacking is drawn out according to data recovered. They are lined up by group and the plane taken over. The graphics then depict the men slipping through security without any major issues. Shortly thereafter, pictures show the graphic hijacking of each plane, as well as the aftermath of both the twin towers and the pentagon. Using images gives the reader a clearer idea of what occurred on September 11.
The graphic novel, unlike the government report, could represent the data through pictures. Readers tend to follow along easier and comprehend more if images are presented. A government report cannot contain these types of pictures due to its formal style. It is meant to present information in a straightforward, statistical manner. An advantage of such a report is its room for statistics and data. Graphic novels have a limited amount of space to include important and supporting data. As previously stated, the main advantage of these novels is the visual aspect. Reports therefore lose some interest of the readers.
Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon used this type of medium to differentiate instruction for their learners. Putting 9/11 into a story format presents the reader with information from a new perspective. Those of us who are visual learners appreciate the use of this format to accommodate the way in which our brains function. It is also a way for younger children to be informed of this tragic day. Their minds may not comprehend the language used in the government report, but at any age they can decipher what is occurring in the images of the graphic novel.


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