Reading Response: “Some People”

The graphic story is mainly told through its visual elements. If the thought bubbles ceased to exist, much of the story would still be understood. The first few images depict a teenager being picked on by a group of older hoodlums. The main perpetrator then transitions into a sweet, caring grandpa. Along the way, he lost his tormenting nature and became a stand-up citizen. His granddaughter however, grew up to be an inconsiderate mother, unaware of her child’s needs. These stories continue, picking one individual from a scene and displaying their growth. Towards the end, the teenager depicted in the first image is seen in a drunken stupor, neglecting his family. He is beaten up outside of the bar after yelling inconsiderate comments. Without be specifically stated, it is clear to see the teasing during his childhood had an impact on him in his adult life. He drowns his sorrows in alcohol, unable to carry on with his life and support his family. If only the thought bubbles were shown, the reader could not make any conclusive inferences. The images provide emotional and visual cues that could otherwise not be picked up on. This graphic story, while at first seems more informal and geared towards a younger audience, conveys a great message to our society.


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