“Iterative Design” and “Writing for Social Media” Reading Response

When redesigning his tweet, Mr. Nielson focuses on a similar concept related to our infographics, the 5 second rule. Social media users should be able to grasp the main idea or content of the tweet in a matter of a few seconds. If the announcement or message is too long, viewers will continue to scroll aimlessly, paying zero attention to the company’s post. To accomplish his goal, Mr. Nielson makes several revisions. He first deletes any non-information phrases to shorten the length and avoid lack of focus. However, after removing these introductory phrases, he loses the “news worthy” quality of his post. He wants his viewers to see the value in these conferences. By adding specific dates to the third design, Mr. Nielson believes he has gotten the importance of the conferences across, but he has used too many characters, preventing his followers to comment or leave feedback on his post. For this reason, he replaces phrases with shorter words and condenses the content, finally posting his completed tweet. I agree with all of Mr. Nielson’s changes, but I feel it would have been helpfully if he clearly stated the venues in which the conferences would be held. He presented the cities, but neglected to give the actual venue or location.

According to the Nielson Norman Group user-research, users find several practices to be smart and effective. Viewers want the posts to be simplistic. Social Media is not a complex business forum; it is a creative and easily managed platform. Individuals pay more attention to organizations posts if they consider time, contain significant information, and are relevant to the company. Followers will continually scrolling however, if these habits are not broken: frequent posting, aggressive selling, irrelevant username and logo, and lack of usefulness within the post.

After reading both articles it is clear to see that Mr. Nielson applies his own strategies. He shortens the length of his post to accommodate our accustomed laziness. He focuses on the importance of the message and as he stated “cuts the chit chat”. He took into account the countries and time zones in which his followers were located, thereby posting his tweet according to their schedules. Mr. Nielson used every single “do” in his article and creatively avoided all of the follower’s “don’ts.”


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