Twitterative Design

Name of News story: Science finds drinking alcohol and energy drinks has same effect as taking cocaine
News event: Tolerance to cocaine
Tweeting on behalf of: The researchers
Objective for the audience: To inform of such discovery

1st Design: Red Bull gives you wings… and a tolerance to cocaine
Good: Includes energy drink and the topic of discussion
Bad: Fails to mention the mix of alcohol. The energy drink alone does not have this effect

2nd Design: COCAINE TOLERANCE, the effect of caffeinated alcoholic drinks
Good: Highlights the issue using contrast. Includes the mixture of drinks.
Bad: Doesn’t provide any details about the research or coming to the conclusion.

3rd Design: ENERGY DRINKS & ALCOHOL, a concoction proven to increase cocaine intolerance
Good: Highlights the main ingredients. Uses proven to hint at a study of some sort.
Bad: Still lacks sufficient information on the actual study

4th Design: RED BULL & ALCOHOL, gave our lab rats not only wings, but also a tolerance to cocaine
Good: Establishes the use of lab rats in the study, as well as the substances. Play on words with the slogan of a company to keep followers on their toes.
Bad: Drop the term concoction which loses the effect of the mixture of the two. Using only one energy company, may lead followers to believe it is only Red Bull’s drink that causes this.

5th Design: ENERGY DRINKS & ALCOHOL, a concoction that gave Purdue’s lab rats not only a lasting buzz, but a tolerance to cocaine
Good: Use of concoction to put emphasis on the mixture. Added Purdue to give credit to the researchers.
Bad: No information as to why mice were used instead of human beings.


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